The Pie Place - Grand Marais, MN

Written by Kate, photography by Mike

Anyone who has been to Grand Marais, MN over the years probably drove past The Pie Place, but missed seeing it.  Set back from Highway 61 it was a small, one story, white clapboard building, with an enclosed front porch.  Inside it had the character of an old 1940s café, but the food was always tasty and the namesake pies outstanding.  Last May, The Pie Place moved into town to a much better location.  It is now easily found on Main Street, right across from the beautiful harbor.  It succeeds a number of other restaurants at this location and we hope it will be successful and have a long run in this new spot.  It has become our favorite place to eat in town, and that’s saying something, since Grand Marais has an unusually good selection of eating establishments for a town its size. 

We ate there in August when our friends Mark and Jeannie Sandbo suggested it as a good lunch spot.  Karen Halberschleben, another friend, works there as well making it a place of good friends in addition to good food. 
Mark and Jeannie had several favorites on the menu and after looking at the selection of salads and sandwiches, Mike and I were hard put to choose, but I went for the Triple Salad Medley, which reminded me of my favorite choice at Café Latte in St. Paul.  It came with a serving a fresh, mixed greens.  Mike ordered the BLT – and couldn’t offer enough praise for the crisp, flavorful bacon.  I don’t remember which pie we ordered and split on that first visit, but when we returned this week (and ordered the same items – rare for me, especially), Karen generously offered to buy us dessert.  Decisions…..decisions.

They were out of the maple pecan, so I went for the blueberry.  Mike chose the banana cream.  I have to say, it was the best blueberry pie I can remember having, because the blueberries truly were the main feature - they weren’t mixed and hidden in a gooey filling.  Mike’s cream pie satisfied his palate as well, but I think we both (since I let him taste mine) felt the blueberry was the superior of the two. 

The restaurant will close temporarily in November, as tourist traffic slows down, but in the meantime it’s open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Service was attentive and friendly and if you can’t possibly eat pie for dessert, you can buy a complete one to take home with you to eat at your leisure.   It IS the place for pie in Grand Marais.    

Grand Marais
(218) 387-1513


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