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Our woods

For me there is nothing nicer on a sunny, crisp January day than to get on my cross-country skis and head out on our trails.  Each time I am grateful once again for these 20 acres of woods and field that we call home.  On Saturday, the temperature hovered near the teens and the snow sparkled beneath my skis.  The snow is not deep, but just enough to create this canvas of white that accentuates and delineates the trees and prairie grasses.  In the warmer months of the year, there is such an abundance of greenery that it is difficult to really see the actual composition of our forest.  Winter is also a time of year when we go into the woods and prairie without fear of ticks.  This is a sad and frightening development of recent years that really has curtailed our time in and enjoyment of the property.  The incidence of Lyme disease is prevalent in this part of the state and we have had it and don’t want to expose ourselves unnecessarily anymore.  In the winter, the ticks are thankfully, …