Museum of the Rockies

600 West Kagy Boulevard
Bozeman, MT
Started in 1957 this museum on the Montana State University Campus is a wonderful treasure when the weather does not invite you in to the mountains.
Big Mike invites you in and is a good symbol for the museums real strength.
I loved the geology, the displays that gave the full story of geologic and biologic evolution over the age of the earth.  There are numerous fossil bones, but not just cabinets collecting dust.
These elements were put in displays with comparisons and descriptions that added to the experience of observation with knowledge that could help the viewer become more proficient in paleontology.
There were lessons in reading the rock stories, new up to date information on our continually expanding ability to learn from the fossil records.
There was a nice hall on the American Indians of Montana and I especially enjoyed the interactive feature that allowed me to hear from individuals who live on each of the numerous Montana reservations.

Exhibits change as well and when we visited there was the River of Gold story of a village in Central America and its amazing gold works (which of course became exploited as soon as the Europeans arrived) and a photo history of rock and roll.
Upstairs is the childrens room with wonderful creations and exhibits that focus on Yellowstone.  Our granddaughter Teagan found it an inspiring place for her own imagination.


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