The Angry Trout

Somehow in all the years we’ve been visiting Grand Marais, MN we have not eaten at this very popular establishment. And I love fish! Yesterday, we made the decision that this was the day – hoping they weren’t closed on Mondays.  It was another gloriously bright October day with the temperature hovering around the mid-50s.  Located near the North House Folk School on Hwy 61, we found a curbside parking spot and when we saw people walking up the slope from the restaurant’s front door, we knew we were in luck.

We were told that this small (from the front) restaurant started out 24 years ago as a place that offered sailing trips and sold hot dogs from a window.  It is now a bright, wood paneled, two dining room eatery.  There is an outside patio/deck facing the water too, and on this windy day, with the water sparkling in the harbor, two couples braved the windchill to enjoy an autumn lunch in the sun. Gulls flew up and swirled around in front of them, because next door is a fisherman’s landing and a deli where the daily catch of herring and trout are hauled in and prepared for sale.  You could have sworn we were sitting at a restaurant on the New England coast with our view of dark blue water, rocky pier, and hungry gulls.  The only thing missing was the smell of salt.

Recently a Facebook friend had mentioned that the fresh fish sandwich at the Angry Trout was the best reason to eat here, so how could I resist?  Herring or trout were offered and I took the eponymous one (for scrabble or crossword puzzle buffs, I had to look up the definition of the word). Mike ordered the fish ‘n chips.  The menu offered much more, but we were focused on the basics.  My order came with crispy potato chips and Mike’s had waffle cut fries and two lightly battered fillets.  My sandwich was topped with tomatoes, lettuce and the necessary tartar sauce.  I’m a big fan of this condiment and was pleased to see the waitress deliver a big squeeze bottle of the stuff, along with the usual bottle of ketchup for the fries.  We each had a small side of coleslaw, rather than the pickle that was offered. 

At this point I think there may only be one restaurant in town that we haven’t tried.  Now we can add The Angry Trout to our list of great eats in Grand Marais.


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