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Jasper's Cafe - Highway 99 in Medford Oregon

We were reminded by our good friends John and Beth Oehler of one of the best Hamburger Cafe's we have ever been to.  The combinations, the flavors - all original and homemade make this a hit with a hamburger man like Mike.

Yes they have fries, they have beverages, and they have a loyal set of fans that insures you will not be eating alone.  Nothing fancy, don't wear a tie unless it is to wipe the great flavors off your face - and then you will want to squeeze them out and taste them again.

Beth knew she was taking us to a small building that could easily be overlooked except for all the cars around it and to a place where Mike would dream about.  The owner is gregarious, the entire experience is great - even if you do hotdogs instead!

Jaspers Cafe

Best Donuts In The World (in Grand Marais, MN)

Here in the little village along the shores of Lake Superior is an unexpected delight.  The World's Best Donuts is a tiny, red clapboard shop just a block from the bay (10 East Wisconsin St).  On a summer morning the line stretches out the front door and others stand at the outside order window.  We chose to go inside because we wanted to let our eyes feast on the treats, as well as our stomachs.  There's no nouveau cuisine creations here, just perfect sugared, glazed, and chocolate covered, deep fat fried donuts.  It's a grand claim, being the World's Best - but in this micro world of northern Minnesota it is a valid statement.  I prefer the ones with cinnamon sugar and the glazed, but it doesn't matter which you choose - you will be licking your lips long after the last grain of sugar has disappeared.  Hey, you're on vacation - forget the granola cereal  and yogurt for one morning and splurge on some delicious donuts. (kate)

Pescara - Rochester

By Kate Crowley
I love living smack dab in the middle of the continent. It helps me feel centered spiritually, mentally and physically.But there is one thing we’re lacking:In a word - Seafood.Fresh, sustainably caught seafood is what I crave, but too often I have been disappointed by dining on lackluster lobster; less than tender tuna; or scallops with the texture of rubbery cheese curds.But my disappointment and sense of deprivation disappeared when I discovered Pescara, the fine dining establishment named for a small Italian fishing village.Located next to the lobby of the Doubletree Hotel, Pescara opened just two years ago.
Nicci Sylvester, the Special Events coordinator has been at Pescara its beginning and has helped guide their concept of ‘Fresh, forward food’.Their goal is to have every ingredient in your meal be absolutely the freshest quality with a focus on health and wellness.But healthy does not eliminate fun and you can find their creativity when y…

The Anchor Fish and Chips

Our description of this great eating and drinking establishment that is two years old in NE Minneapolis will be up by the weekend.  Irish, creative, great atmosphere and we had the classics - fish and chips and the helicopter burger - Irish beer of course, waitresses with a sense of humor and great food.

I loved my fries - crisp, fried to perfection.  Then there was the Helicopter - starts with a good burger, then Irish Cheddar, Fischer Farms ham, and an egg (over easy is the only choice here).  I would say to die for, but considering what I was eating and the fact that the helicopter was hovering, I think some exercise before or after is required.

more to come!!!

Kate's perspective: 
Mike can tell you that whenever I see the word "Irish" my eyes light up and we generally proceed in that direction.  That's how we got to the Anchor Fish and Chips.  When we find ourselves in the Twin Cities we generally want to eat out, since there are an abundance of good and fun res…