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Vireos, blue jays and loons

WINGIN’ IT By Kate Crowley There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding for a writer than to hear from someone who read something you’ve written and enjoyed it.  It is rare to get this kind of feedback, and maybe that is what makes it all the more special. Over the past 20 plus years I have written hundreds of articles for the local newspapers, hoping to both entertain and educate readers about nature, whether that be birds, bugs or boreal forests (and everything in between or within).  Sometimes the feedback includes personal stories or experiences which I enjoy hearing too. This past week, I stopped in at T&M Sports and owner Tom Brabec asked about our bluebirds.  This meant he had read my most recent article. This led Tom to tell me about the bluebirds that had nested at his lake place and how the nest had fallen out of the box (after he had already replaced it once).  When it fell out the second time, the young birds, who were apparently ready to fledge, took off; all except o…