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Shifting from Summer to fall - Kate Crowley

WINGIN’ IT By Kate Crowley The curtain is slowly closing on the summer pageant.  I know the next show will bring its own entertainment, but it won’t match the extravagance of the past season. Even as the curtain closes, we know that the performers will not hear our pleas for an encore.  They have pressing and more desirable destinations ahead and we will just have to be patient and wait for their return half a year from now.  So in the middle of September what is happening in the bird world?  Right now I am listening to a sound that for years I equated with this time of year.  It is the sound of the American goldfinch; a repetitive two tone squeak that after a while begins to get a bit annoying.  I should have known it is the begging call of young birds, but only after seeing a parent feed the wing fluttering, completely capable youngster did I make the connection.  Human parents can well identify with these sounds and behavior.  It must have been a fantastic summer for the goldfinch in…