Jasper's Cafe - Highway 99 in Medford Oregon

We were reminded by our good friends John and Beth Oehler of one of the best Hamburger Cafe's we have ever been to.  The combinations, the flavors - all original and homemade make this a hit with a hamburger man like Mike.

Yes they have fries, they have beverages, and they have a loyal set of fans that insures you will not be eating alone.  Nothing fancy, don't wear a tie unless it is to wipe the great flavors off your face - and then you will want to squeeze them out and taste them again.

Beth knew she was taking us to a small building that could easily be overlooked except for all the cars around it and to a place where Mike would dream about.  The owner is gregarious, the entire experience is great - even if you do hotdogs instead!


  1. What I like about the place: By John Oehler

    Gormet burgers that are as generous as they are eclectic and different; large portions and unique ingredients.

    The owner/proprietor comes out and jokes with you and makes sure everything is OK.

    Sweet potato fries that are a (slightly) healthier and (much) tastier alternative to regular potato fries.

    The menu on the website must be their "regulars" - I know there are many more choices. I can't remember the name of the one I had last time but it had green apple slices and guacamole on it. Soooo good.

    Oh, found the burger I had - under "extra gourmet burgers":
    The Tuscany Burger
    Italian Prosciutto Ham, Italian Toma cheese and Granny Smith apple slices


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