The Anchor Fish and Chips

Our description of this great eating and drinking establishment that is two years old in NE Minneapolis will be up by the weekend.  Irish, creative, great atmosphere and we had the classics - fish and chips and the helicopter burger - Irish beer of course, waitresses with a sense of humor and great food.

I loved my fries - crisp, fried to perfection.  Then there was the Helicopter - starts with a good burger, then Irish Cheddar, Fischer Farms ham, and an egg (over easy is the only choice here).  I would say to die for, but considering what I was eating and the fact that the helicopter was hovering, I think some exercise before or after is required.

more to come!!!

Kate's perspective: 
Mike can tell you that whenever I see the word "Irish" my eyes light up and we generally proceed in that direction.  That's how we got to the Anchor Fish and Chips.  When we find ourselves in the Twin Cities we generally want to eat out, since there are an abundance of good and fun restaurants.  The problem is choosing where to go.  I have a file folder in the car that holds restaurant reviews and directories (mainly from the Minnesota Monthly magazine) and I often page through looking for places not far from wherever we happen to be.  I also am drawn to the restaurants that have been highlighted in the directory. 

The Anchor Fish and Chips was unknown to us, and though the description was brief, the mention of Irish food and mood sold me.  It is a small place in NE Mpls, in a neighborhood that has changed greatly since our youth.  Several other well known and newer restaurants are just up the block and the homes have been 'gentrified'.  It's good to see the new life in the community.  A lot of younger people seem to have migrated here.  The restaurant is appropriately dark (as you'd expect in an Irish pub), except for the large front windows that look out onto the street.  Booths along one wall, a shelf like seating area below the bar and high tables and chairs by the front windows give you a good choice of seating, depending on your mood.  We took window seats. 

Our waitress was an outgoing, multi-tatooed young woman, who was excited to hear that it was our first visit.  When we asked about the coleslaw and mushy peas on the menu, she quickly offered to bring us a sample of each.  The coleslaw - with red cabbage - was excellent.  Mustard and garlic are evident and raisins add a sweet touch.  The mushy peas were just that - but very flavorful, since they are cooked in chicken broth and loaded with butter.  We will order both items on our next visit. 

What we chose on this first encounter was, as Mike said, the Helicopter burger and their famous Fish and Chips.  Mike nearly moaned with pleasure as he bit into the juicy, cholesterol bomb.  My fish was excellent - coated in a light, crispy shell.  The fries that came with both items were also top notch, but my only complaint was the quantity.  TOO MUCH.  At least for a woman's appetite.  Mike finished his.  I'd like the option of ordering half as many fries.  You can bring home a lot of food from restaurants to have as leftovers, but fries just don't travel well. 

There were lots of other tempting entrees on the menu - all served either with chips or fries.  And there are veggie options for those not who are not big carnivores.  But they do warn on the menu that all food items do come in contact with meat products - so that may be a problem for the philosophical vegetarian. 

I'd also like to come back for one of their weekend breakfasts.  They sound truly Irish.  Perfect for someone like me who longs for a return visit to the Green Isle, but knows it won't be happening anytime soon.


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