Best Donuts In The World (in Grand Marais, MN)

Here in the little village along the shores of Lake Superior is an unexpected delight.  The World's Best Donuts is a tiny, red clapboard shop just a block from the bay (10 East Wisconsin St).  On a summer morning the line stretches out the front door and others stand at the outside order window.  We chose to go inside because we wanted to let our eyes feast on the treats, as well as our stomachs.  There's no nouveau cuisine creations here, just perfect sugared, glazed, and chocolate covered, deep fat fried donuts.  It's a grand claim, being the World's Best - but in this micro world of northern Minnesota it is a valid statement.  I prefer the ones with cinnamon sugar and the glazed, but it doesn't matter which you choose - you will be licking your lips long after the last grain of sugar has disappeared.  Hey, you're on vacation - forget the granola cereal  and yogurt for one morning and splurge on some delicious donuts. (kate)


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