The flood waters have left the Moose Horn and the upper Kettle.  Willow River now has a dry main street and the homes in Rutledge are being cleaned and dried, but the water is still moving.  At Banning State Park the Rapids are ferocious.

 The water is moving rapidly through this canyon, but the walls confine the spread and concentrate the energy in the middle.  Where it is interrupted the water piles upon itself until it finds places where it can get out of the banks and release the energy.

Below Sandstone it flows over Hidden Falls, a waterfall that had been covered up by a dam for over 30 years.  Two days ago the water was so high that there were no falls; today the lowering water showed some of the drop.

We had our daughter-in-law, Kristin and our Granddaughter Teagan along with us on our exploration.

A stop in Sandstone to get groceries presented the opportunity to support the local PTO by purchasing brats and burgers outside of Chris' Fairway. Then home to play with and be entertained by Teagan.

Watch out St. Croix River - the water is coming your way and then the Mississippi will feel the pulse.


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