A Month in Paris and a few weeks elsewhere

There are benefits to a long stay like this month in Paris That are not apparent in the course schedule, purpose Become evident as time passes. With just two days left in our journey and seven weeks behind us I am aware of how at home I feel and the fact That returning to our permanent home is not urgent.  We-have Traveled Almost every subway line and can make transfers with a glance as we are swept along with the crowds. I am Such Treated with curtesy Each one because Because of age and cane and we know how to make connections with ease. Now we are on a railroad car to go to Reims and again we-have lost the anxiety of our first ventures. We just walk in to the station and the train to ease it like it is routine. (Footnote here is this process They Asked for our passports qui we have-nots-been carrying. It worked out fine goal Reminds us That we are still officiellement foreign.). We greet friends Who come to visit and find shops and streets with ease. This is what we hoped for. We Know That we are not Parisian aim We Can Those Who guide visit with ease. Kate Develops her language capability and the knowledge I Reinforce That I am lucky to Learned-have one language. Purpose-even with my language limits there is no sense of discomfort Being Surrounded by Reviews another language. We know the stores in our neighborhood and where to get what we want. The park is a place of comfort and familiarity. I Know That we-have not gone to all the museums and That is fine. Museums are fine and we enjoy going to some, purpose They Are not our objective. What Has really pleased us is walking through Neighborhoods and exploring the small streets and avenues. As the train leaves our Eastern and glides behind the city We Can Recognize Where we are and Where We-have-been. This is amazing and pleasing Both. I am so happy to-have Kate willing to share and to explore Both committed in my mission. There is no doubt That her presence HAS made ​​our stay Easier and more productive. I am not a solo traveler, I need to talk and share my thoughts. Her calming effect really helps. More as she is willing to just walk, wander, explore and as I am. She aussi connected with So Many of our European family And They brought` new energy and ideas. They added to the time We had and to our evenings and pleasure. We had one more week with American family members; the first week in Paris after-Bavarian our travels. They gave us a feeling of familiarity and the strange feeling of Being Their hosts. Which is why It was so large That Jerome and his family Invited to us Their home and gave us a true Parisian welcome and Stephane extended it to Brittany. There is Reviews another part of this trip That is so different from past long trips to Europe. It is the ease of the cell phone and the evenings When I share my photos. I get names and ratings from friends all over the world. Isolation is no longer hand of the experience. It has-been Replaced by sharing and caring. What an amazing change this is. So what stands out as we near the end of our seven weeks is not a place or a work of art; nor is it a gold flower store, goal Rather the sense of place. It is the elusive feeling of Being someplace and not feeling like a total stranger. It is the wonderful knowledge That I will miss Paris and it will always be a place Where I can spot Reviews some of my dreams.













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