Traveling the South Shore of Lake Superior from Superior to the Tip of the Keweenaw

It was 2010 when Kate and I (Mike Link) walked around Lake Superior and enjoyed a magnificent 145 days of adventure and beauty.  Now the Audubon Center of the North Woods has asked us to lead a series of trips around the lake that combine the beauty, some walking, nature, history and exploration.

We thought this would be great fun and put the following itinerary together for June 22 - 28, 2014.
The cost is $1650 per person and covers all be a couple meals with transportation to and from Duluth

Day 1
Meet Duluth

Drive to Minnesota Point Picnic Walk - look at dunes
Drive to Bayfield
Hike Walk from Meyers Beach to Sea Cave overlook

Day 2

Ferry to Madeline Hike, look at plants, birds
Big Bay State Park

Lunch  - LaPointe - free time to explore
Ferry return
Visitor Center
Sioux River Flats Beach Hiking Trail 

Day 3
Great Lakes Visitor Center
Drive to Porcupine Mtns Wilderness Park
Picnic lunch
Hike Presque Isle river trail 

Hike beach from Union River

Day 4
Hike in Park  Escarpment Trail
Picnic lunch
Hike To stunted trees and back 

Day 5

Calumet visitor center
Walk around Calumet
Hecla Mine site
Lunch in Calumet
McLain State Park hike to channel
Sturgeon River  sloughs  

Day 6
Fort Wilkins
Hike to Hunter's Point
Picnic lunch
Brockway Mtn
Estivant Pines
Eagle River falls

Go to and sign up.  There is a maximum of 16 spots available. 


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