A letter to a small town

This is a letter that needs to be written to many communities who see McDonald's as a boon.

Letter to the Editor,

Another McDonalds.  Just what the world (and Moose Lake)needs.   I know this is a done deal and so it is useless to complain about this franchise that will now grace the Moose Lake exit on I35.  But I still feel it is important to talk about this development and how it will impact Moose Lake. I am NOT anti-development, but let’s not kid ourselves.  This fast food purveyor is not going to contribute money or value to the town.  Yes, there will be some minimum wage jobs for a few teenagers, seniors, or struggling underemployed adults, but that’s about it.  How many people will pull off the freeway for some fast, unhealthy food and then decide to drive into town to see what other businesses they might visit? Think about your own travels on our country’s highway systems.  How often do you venture into the town after a quick stop for gas or food?

What I am concerned about are places like Art’s Café, Poor Gary’s Pizza, Joe Jitters, and the Lazy Moose Grill.  How many people will choose to go for the cheaper food up the road? How many local teenagers will choose to hang out there?  McDonalds Inc. will provide this newest outlet with the ingredients for their Happy Meals and Big Macs – not the local grocery store.  Certainly the developer has the right, based on locally approved ordinances to build such an establishment and make money from it, but the benefits (both economically and in terms of health) to the rest of us are negligible.  So while others may hail the Golden Arches as a local achievement, I will not.   It is up to the residents of town and those of us who are not residents, but come to Moose Lake for our banking, library, groceries, medical needs, and entertainment to continue to provide strong support for those establishments that were here long before Ronald McDonald.

Kate Crowley

Willow River


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