New Orleans to Memphis and MN - April 6 - 14

Returning north on the Mississippi River on the Paddlewheel - Queen of the Mississippi we were able to observe two weeks of change.  What we found was that the peak of Azaleas had moved north to Vicksburg and Memphis - the beauty of the southern cities had changed to more green.

Lesser scaup were still in the lower river

The live oaks had fewer flowers among them

Cardinal in still leafless shrub

Amaryllis now fuller flowered 
Brown thrashers sand along with Mockingbirds
The floodplain at Baton Rouge fully leafed out

At St Francisville the flowering had increased
Spider lilies



spring beauty

Happy dog

Brown Thrasher


crayfish chimney

Primrose - which had been in NO in previous week

Red Headed woodpecker
Ducklings in Natchez
Azalea and Camilla in Vicksburg - peak had shifted north
Floodplain below Memphis fulled leafed out
White pelicans now in Memphis - they were gone from the areas further south
While up north - April 14 was the seen below in our front yard.
And new at our feeders were juncoes and Purple Finch

More to come!!  Spring.


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