A wonderful day of sun - started with 30 degrees when we got up to clear skies and a rising sun as we continued towards Natchez.

The boat docked at Natchez Below The Hill
Then Kate and I took a wonderful walk through this old Mississippi River southern city.  Our northern minds have a difficult time with the slave past, but we continue to try to find perspective.

 A pup found us walking along the street - so damn cute!  And a black lab.  But luckily his collar had a phone number and we found an owner.

 shotgun houses

Carolina Chickadee

Lunch with our new best friends who we met on the street outside the Pig Out
 The Northern Southern Belle complete with cold weather coat.

 Blue Jay
 Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Cedar Waxwing
Back at the dock for the evening and a nighttime departure. 


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