Wilde Rover - Kirkland, WA

Dinner in Kirkland at Wilde Rover – an Irish Pub with Oscar Wilde as the namesake.  Met Nancy Crowley and caught up with one another’s lives.  She had recommended the place and we were glad of it.  Nice dark wood for the booths and walls – very pub like.  We each ordered something different and were happy with our choices.  I had the Shepherds pie.  Always a favorite of mine.  It came with a wedge salad.  The pie was cooked in a small cast iron skillet and was topped with a thick layer of mashed potatoes. Underneath was a rich mix of beef chunks, veggies and broth.  I could only eat half of it – brought the rest back to my sister’s house (breakfast the next morning – seriously).  A slice of Irish brown bread and butter, and a half pint of Guiness and I was happy. Nancy had a bowl of clam chowder served in a big white bowl.  A pretty orange color and lip smacking good.  She also had the slice of Irish bread and a glass of Guiness.  Mike ordered the applewood smoke chicked, with melted brie Boxty.  This is the Irish version of a taco. All of this delicious bounty was wrapped in a thin potato pancake. Mike had a gin and tonic – in an Irish pub of all places!!
This restaurant was located in a trendy/expensive section  of this town .  If the name sounds familiar – yes this is where Costco began.   Fun place to walk around with lots of other restaurant choices. 


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