Cove Point

April 29.  Our wedding anniversary and the second anniversary for the start of Full Circle Superior. While we investigate and prepare for the Mississippi, our adventure around Lake Superior will never disappear and there was no place we wanted to be for this special day other than the shore of the big Lake.  So we chose Cove Point, one of the places we did programs on our walk around the Lake.

This was a place where we could be on the shore, relax, read, walk, and enjoy good food.  A little champagne, a little red wine, and an excellent dinner.  I had a beef tenderloin with excellent asparagus - grilled a little dark, a little crisp and delicious.  Mashed potatoes and good salad. Kate enjoyed fish and raved about its flavor and presentation.

It was grey, but the respite was excellent and helped us put our adventures, book , and love of the lake in perspective.  It also helped us enjoy the adventures we have shared.


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