Duluth Grill

First we have to start with location - you know the old saying - location, location, location - well forget it.  This grill is surrounded by a wood stove store, a motel and a gas station and lots of black top.  Across the street is a Salvation Army Center and another gas station.  In other words, this is not your high class restaurant row.  BUT!!! Yes that big a BUT!!!! it is a fabulous place to eat.

And it is popular!  Yes the setting is weak, but they have done everything they can to add green.  Their farm manager (from France) has created standing gardents that are in boxes all around the restaurant and remind you of the fact that the produce is local and fresh. 

This is a place that has really found a way to lead in the local food movement and their menu is complex and creative.  They have been featured in the nationally syndicated "Dive-Ins, Diners, and Dives".  That is an honor, not a put down. And Tom, the owner, is proud of the product and the production.  He is a wonderful asset with a friendliness and interest that is important in connecting with clients.

I had buffalo roast in a sandwich covered with cheese and peppers and it was fabulous.  Crisp, big onion rings came on the side. I loved both the presentation and the amazing full flavor. 

Kate and Alyssa shared an order of fish tacos and each had a salad.  They found it just the right amount for their appetites.  They did removed the jalapeno pepper slices though before biting in.  I wish I had the space to show all the sources of their food, which are written on the back page of the menu. This is a restaurant that is really working hard to help local farmers.  The menu has an impressive amount of variety and we will definitely go back to continue to sample their creations.

Duluth Grill website shows their menu and will fill in where I have had to quit to keep the blog within reasonable size.


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